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5th ‘Call for Proposals‘ of the IKI Small Grants component ‘International Calls’

IKI - Deadline : 13/03/2024

Sector : Environment.

Countries : Benin. Burkina Faso. Cape Verde. Cote d'Ivoire. Gambia. Ghana. Guinea. Guinea-Bissau. Liberia. Mali. Mauritania. Niger. Nigeria. Senegal. Sierra Leone. Togo.

"The IKI Small Grants programme is a complementary instrument within the International Climate Initiative (IKI). It serves to support small, local organisations in the implementation of their climate and biodiversity projects... IKI Small Grants focuses on small regional, national, and local organisations in ODA-eligible countries... Through annual calls for proposals, IKI Small Grants provides project funding to encourage active civil society engagement and implement effective, locally adapted approaches to the impacts of climate change and biodiversity loss. In addition, it supports small implementing organisations in further developing their capacities and strengthening their professional networks by customized measures..."
Funding amount : between EUR 60 000 and EUR 200 000.


To receive our support for a funding opportunity, contact us:

Ousmane Ndoye

Senior Project Catalyst

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